5 Reasons Why You NEED to See SFJFF37’s Two Live Performances

Two films at this year’s SF Jewish Film Festival are accompanied by exclusive live artistic performances

There’s no better way to stimulate your senses than through an enticing combination of film, music, and dance. This year, the 37th San Francisco Jewish Film Festival (July 20 — August 6, 2017) will bring its attendees this experience through its showcase of exceptional artistic talent in two live performances. SFJFF37 is happy to present a passionate dance duet and a lively jazz concert to complement two fantastic films. For more information, visit the SFJFF37 website.

Bobbi Jene Smith starring in the music video for Izabo’s “I Like It”

In partnership with ODC Theater, SFJFF37 presents A Study on Effort: A Duet Performance by Bobbi Jene Smith and Keir GoGwilt. A former lead dance in the prestigious Batsheva Dance Company, Smith — with violinist GoGwilt — create a small, yet virtuosic space for Smith’s exploration of herself and her art. Audience members are situated around three sides of the stage to create an intimate experience as Smith and GoGwilt play off each other in a beautiful production. SFJFF37 will screen the film Bobbi Jene on July 28 at the Castro Theatre, with A Study on Effort following on August 2.

Following the July 23 screening of Body and Soul: An American Bridge at the Castro Theatre, the Marcus Shelby Quartet will perform a moving recital inspired by the film. Shelby is not only a jazz musician, but also an educator, activist, and artist in residence at the Yerba Buena Gardens Festival. Audiences lucky enough to attend these performances will…

Get Inspired

Bobbi Jene Smith and Marcus Shelby are masters of the arts, each offering a dynamic and modern vision of the possibilities of their mediums, and they are sure to motivate viewers to explore their own capacities to create art that explore physical and emotional limits.

Bobbi Jene Smith in the midst of a performance

Learn Something New

Watching Smith, GoGwilt, and Shelby perform will offer a different perspective on the world of music and dance. Those who have never experienced modern dance or contemporary jazz will find something new to get excited about and even learn about the art itself in the process.

Connect to Judaism

San Francisco Jewish Film Festival programs inspire audiences to expand their understanding of Jewish life through film, media and dialogue. With Bobbi Jene Smith and Keir GoGwilt, audiences can expect a representation of Israeli modern dance in an American setting. And after Body and Soul’s expert examination of Jewish and African-American collaboration in jazz, viewers will be able to appreciate the Jewish influence in Marcus Shelby’s jazz production.

An image from Body and Soul: An American Bridge

Understand Cultural Differences

These Festival programs offer important opportunities for audiences to be introduced to diverse cultures and trends in artistic performance. Both Bobbi Jene and Body and Soul incorporate a unique exploration of cultural and individual identity and the performances that accompany them will add to those experiences in a meaningful and stimulating way.

Enjoy Themselves

Alongside the cultural exploration these programs provide, they are also a guaranteed good time out on the town! Smith and GoGwilt are a duo unlike any other, exploring dance and music in a fresh and exciting take. Shelby and his quartet show off their traditional jazz skills that will have any music and art fans inspired by their prowess, especially against the backdrop of the resplendent Castro Theatre.

For tickets and information, visit www.sfjff.org/films/spotlights/live-performances.

For the complete lineup of films, along with a full complement of discussion programs, international guests, awards and celebrations, visit www.sfjff.org or contact jewishfilm@sfjff.org. For box office information, contact boxoffice@sfjff.org or call 415–621–0523.

Bobbi Jene Smith in a piece titled “Darling Vermont”

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