Featured This Month on JFI On Demand: Film Movement

March 16, 2016

The Jewish Film Institute is pleased to announce that 7 archival San Francisco Jewish Film Festival films from independent distributor Film Movement are now available to watch on JFI On Demand and are the featured selections for March 2016. Read on for a description of each film and links to start watching!

About Film Movement:

Launched in 2002 and based in New York City, Film Movement is a distributor of critically acclaimed, award-winning independent films. With a catalog of over 300 feature-length and short films, Film Movement has released movies from over 50 countries, including top prize winners from Sundance, Cannes, Venice, Toronto, Berlin, Tribeca and many other prestigious film festivals. Film Movement’s releases can be found anywhere you watch movies: in theaters, On Demand, online, on television networks, airplanes and hotels, at retailers, libraries, educational institutions and more.

Free Men | Dir. Ismael Ferroukhi

An Algerian immigrant in Paris overcomes his ambivalence to help fight Nazi occupation in this worthy period drama.

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Off White Lies | Dir. Maya Kenig

A growing relationship between a shy teenage girl and her estranged, shiftless father sets the tone for this laconic, Israeli narrative film.

Use code “JFI20” at checkout for 20% off!

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A Life in Dirty Movies | Dir. Wiktor Ericsson

Wiktor Ericsson crafts a portrait of sexploitation filmmakers Joe and Peggy Sarno as the elderly couple try to get one last film project off the ground.

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God’s Slave | Dir. Joel Novoa

Muslim Ahmed and Jewish David cross paths while working on opposite sides of the AMIA bombings in 1994 Buenos Aires.

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Protektor | Dir. Marek Najbrt

A Czech man joins a radio station to protect his Jewish wife from the Nazis.

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Aliyah | Dir. Elie Wajeman

A low-level Jewish drug dealer tries to save enough money to leave Paris and join his cousin in Israel, but his older brother’s constant demands — and a new love interest — jeopardize his plans.

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For A Woman | Dir. Diane Kurys

After their mother’s death, a filmmaker and her sister discover a cache of old photos and letters that lead them to unravel their parents’ tangled relationship with a mysterious uncle.

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