How We Got the Film: The Heymann Brothers

July 14, 2016

The Jewish Film Institute Programming team searches high and low each year for the best in Jewish and independent cinema for the San Francisco Jewish Film Festival, the first and most prestigious festival of its kind. On the blog this week, JFI Executive Director Lexi Leban recalls how Mr. Gaga and Who’s Gonna Love Me Now from director Tomer Heymann ended up at SFJFF36…

“I only had three days in Tel Aviv in March and was trying to get in touch with Barak and Tomer Heymann on What’s App to invite them to screen both Who’s Gonna Love Now and Mr. Gaga at SFJFF36. I was just about to give up when I heard back from Tomer. It was 10:30pm on my last night, but I knew I had to get the films.

The brothers were at their editing studio near Allenby and Rothschild packing up to leave for a film festival the next morning. I made my way there, but they were only half listening to my appeal. They needed to decide on the artwork for their poster for Who’s Gonna Love Me Now and wanted me to weigh in. Barak said we’d have to see about the screening. It was up to the sales agent. Tomer reminisced about how fabulous his SFJFF screenings were at the Castro as he pulled our posters down from the top shelf in the back office to show me. I knew then it would all come together…”

Mr. Gaga

Castro | Saturday, July 30 | 11:30am
Roda Theatre | Sunday, July 31 | 11:30am

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Dir. Tomer Heymann / Inspiring and tough, charismatic yet prickly, Ohad Naharin is Mr. Gaga, Israel’s rock star choreographer and the artistic director of the Batsheva Dance Company. He is the subject of this exciting new documentary from returning SFJFF favorite, Tomer Heymann. Naharin invented his own playful style of movement called Gaga and returned to Israel to create some of the most provocative and physically demanding choreography of the 21st century. Winner, Audience Award, SXSW 2016.

Director Tomer Heymann in person

Who’s Gonna Love Me Now?

CineArts | Sunday, July 24 | 6:45pm
Castro | Saturday, July 30 | 9:15pm
Roda Theatre | Sunday, July 31 | 9:00pm

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Dir. Tomer Heymann / In this honest and emotional documentary by Tomer and Barak Heymann (Close Up: Heymann Brothers, SFJFF 2008), Israeli expatriate Saar Maoz lives in London, where he’s active in the London Gay Men’s Chorus and struggling with HIV. When his Orthodox parents ask him to come back to Israel, Saar must decide where his future lies and how to make peace with his family as they struggle to accept his identity and his HIV status.

Director Tomer Heymann in person

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