Jewish Film Receives Ignition Grant from Covenant Foundation for Online Media Initiatives

February 13, 2017

SAN FRANCISCO — The Jewish Film Institute has received a $20,000 Ignition Grant from The Covenant Foundation, whose mission is to support Jewish organizations and initiatives with innovative and imaginative approaches to Jewish learning and wide geographic reach. The grant was awarded to pilot online engagement with film and media, encompassing existing programs such as JFI On Demand, the Jewish Film Institute’s online streaming service, and Talk Amongst Yourselves, a series of live-streamed conversations about film, media and Jewish experience in partnership with ITVS, reaching next generation audiences nationwide.

“Declining participation in traditional Jewish institutions, particularly among younger people, makes it clear that there is a need for innovative portals into connectivity that speak to the full spectrum of Jewish experiences. Contemporary audiences are seeking meaningful content that can be accessed easily in a rapidly changing technological environment. Arts organizations have a responsibility to meet people where they are.” says JFI Executive Director, Lexi Leban, “the Covenant Foundation, now celebrating its 25th anniversary is a leader in supporting new and untested approaches”.

Launched in 2015, JFI On Demand is the Jewish Film Institute’s online streaming channel of select films from JFI’s programs including the San Francisco Jewish Film Festival, its signature program and the first and largest Jewish Film festival in the world. A favorite resource of Jewish educators, community leaders, and film programmers, JFI’s Film Archive maintains information on over 1600 films curated over its 37 year history. A subset of the films from the archive are currently available to stream online via JFI On Demand, with plans to add many more titles in the next 2 years.

The Jewish Film Institute’s Ignition Grant was part of $1.6 million awarded by The Covenant Foundation to Jewish organizations in the United States in 2017.

See What’s Playing On JFI On Demand | Listen Back To Talk Amongst Yourselves With Aaron Davidman & Michael Krasny

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