August 19, 2014

Q&A with director Jacob Podber Director Jacob J. Podber’s short film — silent images from the interview of a Holocaust survivor superimposed with typed memories — describes the unspoken pain borne by a father and son through more than half a century. Simple and poignant, the film was shown in the SFJFF34 Jews in Shorts Documentary program.

What inspired you to make this film?

I was searching for a way to make sense of my father’s experiences during the Holocaust.

What was your greatest challenge during the filmmaking process? Having to repeatedly watch the raw footage of my father retelling his heart wrenching stories.

Any thoughts you’d like to share about screening this film in a Jewish context?

I believe this film would be well suited for a looped instillation at museums/educational institutions, etc.

What film/media has inspired you lately?

I just saw the Broadway production of “Cabaret.” I was surprised by how different it was from the 1972 motion picture.

What do you do when you’re not filmmaking?

I paint, teach, and work on my book monograph entitled “Radio in the Americas”.

Lastly, gefilte fish: delicious, or disgusting?

Delicious! I still bemoan the closing of Ratner’s on Manhattan’s Lower East Side. It was the only place I ever had gefilte fish served hot. It was like nothing else in this world.

Director Jacob Podber

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