JFI produces first-ever Impact Report uplifting growth 2018–2020

I got my Jewish education not by sitting in shul, but in theaters during JFI programs. JFI has given me a greater appreciation of our traditions, history, art, humor… and shaped what it means to be Jewish…

— Audience Member

jfi’s impact 2018–2020: a sneak peak

JFI champions bold films and filmmakers that expand, evolve and reframe the Jewish story. As we navigate another year of a pandemic, storytelling and film are especially important. They have the power to engage and entertain us, catalyze conversation and spark action.

We are proud to share a sneak peek at JFI’s first-ever Impact Report covering our activities from 2018 to 2020. With your support, we’ve accomplished so much. JFI has grown more fully into our identity as an institute of film and media and an incubator of new ideas.

Thank you for your generosity which makes all this possible. We are energized and hopeful as we look to our next chapter championing bold films and filmmakers that power and unfold the Jewish story.

We hope you will continue joining us on that journey.

Scroll down for a sneak peak, or please visit us online at jfi.org/impact to download the full JFI Impact Report.

Click above for a welcome message from JFI Executive Director, Lexi Leban

jfi 2018–2020 impact report sneak peak

moving audiences sneak peak
powering storytellers sneak peak

Click Here to download The Full Report


The Jewish Film Institute (JFI) is the premier curatorial voice for Jewish film and media. Founded 40 years ago as the San Francisco Jewish Film Festival, JFI’s exhibition programs now reach audiences around the globe. JFI’s pioneering filmmaker services are the only such supports for filmmakers specifically working with Jewish content.


The Jewish Film Institute inspires communities in San Francisco and around the world to expand their understanding of Jewish life through film, media and dialogue.



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Jewish Film Institute

Jewish Film Institute

The Jewish Film Institute, based in San Francisco, champions bold films and filmmakers that expand and evolve the Jewish story for audiences everywhere. jfi.org