March 8, 2017

JFI presents the short film Tom Tom Revolution as its Online Short of the month for March 2017. The film is part of Mavens, a new three-episode web series about people who encourage others to shatter expectations and become more than what society traditionally permits. The first season of Mavens tells the inspiring stories of music industry pioneer and AFROPUNK partner Jocelyn Cooper, Tom Tom Magazine founder Mindy Abovitz, and global street artist Magda Love. Each episode shares a glimpse of these vanguards’ journeys as they battle obstacles, prejudices and stereotypes while building communities around their passions and inspiring others to follow.

Dir. Ross Asdourian, USA, 2017, 6 min, English

Q&A with director Ross Asdourian

What inspired you to make this film?

On a general level, I love telling the stories of humble people that have an undeniable effect on others. Personally, I grew up playing the drums. Mindy’s passion for music as a platform and an escape really resonated with me. The way she presents “organized chaos” both in concept and action is incredibly rare.

What was your greatest challenge during the filmmaking process?

Capturing the invisible impact of a person. Mindy has affected so many women with her work, but also her personal interactions. Other than that, it’s a bit of a challenge to capture twelve performances happening at the same time in multiple locations when you’ve only got two cameras!

Any thoughts you’d like to share about screening this film in a Jewish context?

This short reflects on the importance of community. Community can be born into and it can be discovered. In this film, we find people that had an identity but nowhere to go. When I watch this short, it reminds me that we have to understand that our differences can often times bring us together.

What film/media has inspired you lately?

Stranger Things. In a time when everyone is trying to stand out in the media with camera tricks and big headlines, Stranger Things engages the audience in a well told, well designed, and well cast show. The soundtrack is also perfectly retro.

What do you do when you’re not filmmaking?

Hunting for street art for my Instagram account or writing the next one!

Lastly, gefilte fish: delicious, or disgusting?

Oy, disgusting

Inspiring communities to expand their understanding of Jewish life through film, media and dialogue. Presented by the Jewish Film Institute!

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