May 2020 | Online Short — RETURN TO YEVPATORIYA


Check out the filmmaker introduction below, then scroll down for the May 2020 Online Short!

Click to watch a special introduction from filmmaker Patrice O’Neill

Return to Yevpatoriya (5:24) is the story of a Torah being presented to a small synagogue on the Crimean Peninsula in Ukraine that had once been occupied by the Nazis. The Torah Return Project was organized by Project Kesher, a group of Jewish women from the U.S.,Belarus, Israel, Russia and Ukraine who work together to restore and promote Jewish values in the region and advance the status of women. The film was produced by the Not In Our Town film team as part of their collaboration with Project Kesher. Not In Our Town filmmakers Patrice O’Neill and Charene Zalis (JFI Fellow for 2020) are currently producing a documentary on community response to hate in Pittsburgh in the aftermath of the attack at the Tree of Life synagogue.

Credits: Producers Patrice O’Neill and Rhian Miller; Associate Producer, Kate McLean; Camera: Brian Dentz; Editor, Jill Strong: Music: Cracow Klezmer Band

Patrice O’Neill
Executive Producer/Director

Inspiring communities to expand their understanding of Jewish life through film, media and dialogue. Presented by the Jewish Film Institute!

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