October 2020 Online Short | Wendy MacNaughton Draws “The Castro Commons”

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, artist Wendy MacNaughton and documentary filmmaker Sam Ball spent an afternoon silently people watching; exploring a beloved San Francisco parklet. In these times when interpersonal connection can feel difficult, their short film invites the viewer to appreciate the sense of community an outdoor public space can generate.

Watch this Q&A between subject and filmmaker, then enjoy the short film below!

Wendy MacNaughton Draws Castro Commons was originally produced for a multimedia installation at the Jewish Community Center of San Francisco. The JCC asked MacNaughton and Ball to create work on the theme “We are not permanent, but we are not temporary,” reflecting the Jewish holiday of Sukkot’s emphasis on reflection about the impermanence of life, the search for home and the welcoming of strangers.

View more online monthly shorts at https://jfi.org/watch-online/online-shorts!



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