Sundance Film Festival Day 6: Jew(ish)

January 27, 2016

JFI Executive Director Lexi Leban is on the ground at Sundance Film Festival 2016. Follow her on the blog as we work to find the films that will shine a light on the 36th San Francisco Jewish Film Festival

January 26, 2016 | by Lexi Leban, JFI Executive Director

I was the very last person to get into industry screening of THE BIRTH OF A NATION, the epic narrative directed by Nate Parker about the Nat Turner Slave Rebellion of 1831. There were at least 200 people behind me who were devastated as the volunteer in the orange parka, put her arm down to block their way. No surprise that it was a scramble to get in. The film got a standing ovation at the public screening before it even started. When I exited the theater, before I had the chance to recover from the trauma, I heard someone say, “sold for a record 17.5 million”.

Next on to THE INTERVENTION, Clea DuVall’s directorial debut. We thought the film might be Jew(ish). After all, it starred Melanie Lynskey (HELLO I MUST BE GOING, SFJFF 2012) and Natasha Lyonne ( BUT I’M A CHEERLEADER, ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK). But alas, it was the 2016 THE BIG CHILL without the Motown soundtrack and was more Queer(ish) than Jew(ish). Maybe you’ll catch it at Frameline!

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