The Cinegogue Sessions Vol 2. — Food, Glorious Food

Volume 2 is dedicated to our friends, family and filmmakers in New York

Dear JFI Friends and Family,

Nothing brings people together like food and in these tough days of social distancing some of us crave it more than ever.

In this week’s specially curated program we explore the ritual of not only sharing a good meal, but meet the creators behind two legendary Jewish food institutions in New York and visit a third in Montreal.

Break out your grandmother’s recipe book and prepare yourself a great homemade meal, then have your seconds (or a nosh) with JFI in our program entitled “Food, Glorious Food!”

So sit back, relax and enjoy Cinegogue Sessions Vol. 2.

Bon Appétit!

Jay Rosenblatt, Program Director

Joshua Moore, Programmer

Margherita Ghetti, Next Wave Programmer

Click for a Lox n’ Bagels video from Russ and Daughters

What do Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Maggie Gyllenhaal and Morley Safer have in common? They each are passionate about their love for the smoked fish at Russ & Daughters, the venerable NYC establishment that has been around for over 100 years. In Sturgeon Queens (SFJFF 2014) director Julie Cohen crafts an endearing, humorous, and mouthwatering documentary where we meet the delightful 100-year-old and 92-year-old daughters of the store’s name and the sturgeon queens of the title.

Click this video for an exclusive introduction from filmmaker Julie Cohen, and be sure to watch the afterward below!

Click here to watch Sturgeon Queens through JFI On Demand!

A special post-film message from Sturgeon Queens filmmaker Julie Cohen!

We all love a good rags-to-riches story. Famous Nathan (SFJFF 2015) tells the remarkable story of Nathan Handwerker, who emigrated from Poland to the US as a 22-year-old in 1912, unable to read or write a word of English. Four years later, Nathan was selling franks on Coney Island for five cents a piece, and the combination of quality and affordability soon made Nathan’s Famous a household phrase in New York and later the world. Famous Nathan is a quintessentially American tale of food, family and faith.

Click this video for a special message from Lloyd Handwerker, grandson of Famous Nathan Handwerker!

Click here for options to watch Famous Nathan through JFI On Demand!

In the hilarious hit web series and JFI Online Short YidLife Crisis: Autonuerotic, we find our favorite Yiddish speaking duo Chaimie and Leizer racing home as the sundown on the Sabbath approaches.. Featuring a very special appearance by babka, Jews, and (non-German) cars.

Click to watch Autoneurotic from YidLife Crisis!

To Tune In Next Week…

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